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Help save the island in Idle Pet Paradise. Collect and trade NFT Pets with other players around the world to build your island team. Solve mysteries and save the island’s economy.

Available worldwide on iOS and Android February 2022!


Idle Pet Paradise uses revolutionary blockchain technology where players own unique digital assets in the form of pets. Through gameplay, pets can evolve and improve their abilities. Evolve your own, or buy and sell pets with other players.



Players must assign their Pets to bakeries, factories and other production buildings. Pets may even have a special affinity for certain jobs. The buildings produce goods that are crafted to delicious desserts!

Balance the short term objectives alongside the long term goals. In no time you’ll be making a profit from these desserts and the island will be happy! 


The map displays the vibrant life of Idle Pet Paradise. Use the Vertical scroll to view your island progress and explore the world. Watch out for falling rocks, and passing cargo ships!

Upgrade your island by collecting level up cards. Your buildings grow and change as they are upgraded. Leveling up your facilities also allows you to assign more pets and increase dessert production!

Along your journey you’ll meet new friends that can help you improve your island. There’s a whole range of pets to collect – each with their own personality, specialties and traits!

Pets can be adopted from the Pet Shelter using a gamecoin earned through gameplay. Keep an eye on the rotating cast of unlockable creatures ranging from common to rare, and even legendary!

When your Pet has leveled up all the way, it can then be evolved. Play through the game, win rewards, and choose which pets to invest your resources in. Evolve them, and it increases their rarity and improves their abilities!

All pets in the game can be listed on the player marketplace. This is where the crypto-based economy can shine. Players can list their NFT pets for a chosen price, or adopt new ones for their collection. Once adopted from the marketplace, your new friend will join you on your island!


The game focuses around a single-player, idle episodic experience. Its rich narrative is full of adventure and a mystery that will captivate the player. The player’s goal is to grow the economy in order to feed the ominous volcano that takes center stage on the island.

Complete each day by earning coins from the island’s production, and playing minigames with your pets to obtain extra rewards.

Follow Mayor Racoon and her adventurous co-workers as they discover the mystifying secrets the island holds. Each day you play unlocks more of the story. With twists and turns along the way, players will experience life on the tropical island. Relaxing by the pool or exploring the caves. The choice is yours!


Idle Pet Paradise is a unique take on the popular episodic idle game genre. The island is home to energetic, entertaining and hard-working pets! Rescue and upgrade the pets to help them reach their full potential.

Every pet is special, the game ensures that each pet is a one-off with a revolutionary blockchain system that utilises NFTs. Trade pets with other players around the world to create the Ultimate Island Rescue Team.

The island holds mysterious secrets waiting to be discovered, starting with an active volcanic threat! With twists and turns along the way, players will experience life on the tropical island.


Sign in to the Magmic Core Marketplace to see which pets are currently up for adoption. Use Magmic Crypto Coins to purchase and sell pets to players around the world!

The Forte Platform

Idle Pet Paradise is built on the Forte Platform. The game utilizes Magmic Crypto Coins (MCC) which can also be purchased on the Forte Exchange.

Forte is building a set of tools for both developers and non-developers enabling them to use Blockchain technology. The Forte platform is currently being used by over 25 world class game developers around the world, and the network is growing.Learn More

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